10 Companies That I Would Consider Working For

Someone recently asked me which companies I would work for if I were
looking for a job. I'm not looking for a job, but I figured that it
would be a fun exercise to think about. I spent a while coming up with
a list, so I figured that I would post it here.

So here goes (in no particular order):

Zynga - They are doing ridiculously well, and focusing on a big market
that is just shaping up. Seems like a company where you could have a
lot of impact. The CEO is a really interesting guy and has a lot of
interesting ideas (and is supposedly very approachable). If I were
looking for a job at a company, this might actually be my top pick.

Facebook - Probably the most engineering-centric of the larger
internet companies. Not really a startup any more, but still has lots
of potential (once they better monetize their application platform).

LinkedIn - Social Networking is hot. Plus I hear that they are a good
company to work for (lots of opportunities). I don't think that they
will be as big as Facebook, but they cater to a crowd that's actually
willing to pay them money to use the service.

Playdom - Another Facebook applications company. Probably second to Zynga

Twitter - I have no idea how big they are going to be in the
long-term, but they define hot right now. They are doing lots of
interesting and innovative things.

Foursquare - People use it like crack. I don't know if they are
hiring, but I'm sure that they will soon. Also Gowalla, although they
aren't in the bay area.

Yelp - I think that they will get acquired soon (rumor has it by
Google). The business model is a bit shady, but they've created a
great service and built a rabid following.

Square - Credit card processing from any mobile phone. Started by the
guy who created Twitter. Could potentially be a game changer. And they
are hiring.

Eventbrite - Well-done product and they actually have a pretty
straightforward business strategy (unlike a lot of the companies I
have mentioned). They are hiring aggressively.

Bump - They are great guys and have a lot of potential. Just took a
bunch of money from Sequoia, and I believe that they are staffing up a
bit. If they can figure out how to turn all of those bumps into money,
they will be golden.