I'm starting this blog to catalog the journey through my third year of
business school. BUT, you say, the MBA is only two years. I guess that
it is for most people, but for me, the classwork was just the
beginning. One of the chief criticisms of the MBA is that it creates
"managers" who know it all but don't actually know how to do anything.
I took this to heart, and upon graduating, I decided to undertake the
optional one-year practicum, also known as entrepreneurship. After
spending two years learning about finance and marketing and sales and
operations, I actually get to do all of them (often simultaneously) as
a startup founder.

We're starting sort of in medias res, so I'll go back to the start and
give you a bit of history. I think that it all started in November
2008, when I had an idea for a new product. Actually, I'll give credit
where it is due, and say that it was a joint collaboration between
myself and my friends Tyler and Mike. Anyways, we were out drinking,
and had one of those aha moments where you are like "why couldn't they
do X," and you realize that you might as well be "they." The product
(a replacement for the restaurant buzzer that sends you text messages
on your cell phone) wasn't nearly as important as the cascade of
events it set off.

So, anyways, this one aha moment led to me entering MIT's business
plan competition, forming a team (more on that later) getting to the
semifinals, applying for and receiving a bit of seed funding (at least
a post or two on that as well), and moving to Northern California
(highly recommended in any case). I guess that the real story starts
around the beginning of June, when we filled out the incorporation
paperwork and started doing this full-time. It has been about two
months since then, but I feel like it has been about a year.

Paul Graham really wasn't kidding when he said that a startup allows
you to compress an entire career into a few years
. I've seen a few new
gray hairs on my head, and I'm definitely more forgetful these days.
Anyways, back to the grind. I have a big demo coming up tomorrow, and
we need to push a build before that.