Stop Fighting Yourself

I just got back from a 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat. This was
my second retreat, and it was a much different experience from the
first. Very tough, but one of the most rewarding things that I've

One of my biggest takeaways happened on the final day, as I was doing
a last bit of deep work. Since I began practicing Vipassana, I have
noticed a certain heaviness in my muscles as I meditate. After a
while, I started to ignore this. But it came back during the retreat,
and I realize that this heaviness was in fact tension. If I actively
relaxed my muscles, the tension went away, and I became much more
comfortable and peaceful. So the whole time I was making my life more
difficult by unconsciously resisting the process that I was putting
myself through.

I realized that we spend a lot of our time fighting ourselves. We
doubt, undermine and second guess. This is wasted effort - very little
is gained by doubting a decision that you have already made. It does
make sense to reexamine a decision after sufficient time has passed,
but this is much different from constantly worrying or reanalyzing.

Sometimes we fight ourselves by doing things that are contrary to our
nature. I am at the heart a product engineer. I build cool products
that people find useful. This is what makes me happy, and motivates me
to work day after day. If I need to sell a product to make my business
succeed, I am perfectly willing to do that. However, I will never be a
sales person. I will be a product engineer who happens to also sell
products. Everything that I do will start from my core skillset and
motivation, and flow naturally from there. To do anything else is to
deny my nature.